An ancient grapevine, but the first document on the Barbera d’Asti DOCG is in a seventeenth-century letter preserved in the commune of Nizza Monferrato in Piedmont. In 1798 he officially entered the Piedmontese vineyard list, when the Turin Agricultural Society drew up the first Ampelograph, in which we read about “her”, Barbera: “It is a well-known grapevine and one of the main wine bases of Asti and the lower Monferrato, where it is native and cultivated since a very long time. Denomination DOC from 1970, DOCG obtained in 2008.

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Asti (Piemonte)


13 %- 13,5 %




0,75 l

The harvest takes place only by manual method, which is followed by immediate pressing and de-stemming of the grapes. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature with the addition of selected yeasts with numerous mechanical punching down in order to increase the extraction of substances from the skins. After a natural stabilization, the wine is bottled after at least 12 months.

Brilliant and velvety purple red

Intense aroma, which releases notes of blackberry, raspberry, plum and ripe cherries

It immediately fills the palate with its dry and intense vinous taste, a good tanino is felt with a balanced acidity.

Barbera is food-friendly and easy to drink and combine. It is a red wine for the whole meal, suitable for pasta first courses, meat second courses with sauce, grilled sausage, braised meat, mature cheeses.

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