This is the King of wines and the Wine for the Kings … born thanks to the desire of Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour to create the high quality wine that can be a worthy rival to the French wines of Borgogne. In the 1830s the first wines from the Count of Cavour’s estate began to be sold, with excellent results, in the Kingdom of Sardinia. In this period Giulia Colbert Falletti, last Marchioness of Barolo, entrusted the oenological consultant Luis Oudart, who was a French wine merchant and an expert in Bordeaux red wines, to perfect the production of dry red wine with long aging in wooden barrels. In 1844, the first 100 exclusive bottles of the new BAROLO began tracing the road to success for Piedmont and its wines. DOC denomination since 1966 and DOCG since 1980

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Langhe (Piemonte)


14 °-15,5° vol


18/20 °C


0,75 l

The harvest normally takes place in October exclusively by hand. De-stemming and pressing must be performed immediately, which happens at the same time thanks to a machine called destemmer. Barolo as required by the disciplinary is produced with pure Nebbiolo grapes, and refines for at least 3 years, of which at least 18 months in cask. It is the wine capable of evolving over time and of resisting long journeys, without losing its organoleptic characteristics.

It has a ruby-red color with pomegranate bright reflections

Intense and durable with notes of violet, evolving over time till touch spiced fruit aromas

Dry and harmonious taste, actually tannic, full-bodied, raw but velvety.

A wine that goes well with the main dishes of noble wild game meat and game bird meat, strong cheeses and even deser with dark chocolate. It’s also ideal for elegant evenings like an aperitif. The wine also for collectors, because the best vintages can reach 100 years.