Moscato grape seems to be the oldest grape of those grown in Italy and is probably a vine with the greatest number of historical attestations. It arrived in Italy thanks to the Greek colonists, who spread it through the transport of seeds and shoots. From Italy it spread throughout Europe. The term known since Roman times “Moscato” means “fragrant”. Its great development arrives in the second half of 1500 with the name Moscato Bianco del Piemonte. For the farmers who worked the land, for example, it was the best wine to combine with a genuine salty snack. Moscato D’Asti DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) “ASTI” obtained in 1993


Asti (Piemonte)




6-10 °C


0,75 l

Moscato D’Asti DOCG is one of the most characteristic and inimitable products of Piedmontese viticulture. Made with 100% Moscato grapes. Unlike Champagne, there is no secondary fermentation allowed in the bottle. Although not a sparkling wine, it maintains his “mousse” a liveliness that makes it unique thanks to the stopping of alcoholic fermentation by refrigeration at a very low temperature.

Straw yellow with white, fine and elegant perlage.

It has an intense aromatic component which is in harmony with the sugary component. Its fragrance reminds us of aromas of exotic fruit and ripe apples.

Slightly effervescent with a sweet flavor, but with a good balance of acidity, it is fresh, full of musky sensations characteristic of the Moscato grape. The long and persistent taste on the palate

The white wine, sweet, with natural light sparkle and low alcohol content. It is served chilled for aperitifs alone or as a base for long drinks. Great for Foie Gras, Lobster, Chinese, Cantonese and Indian spicy dishes. You can serve for all deserts, especially with Christmas and Easter sweets; Pandoro, Panetone or Colomba.

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