Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato BRICHET

Vineyard area in the Piedmont Region exceeds 48,000 hectares. Greater percentage, 90% of the cultivation is found in montgne and hills. The production of Piedmontese wine reaches more than 2,500,000 hectoriliters where red and rosé has 60%. Our BRICHET with its sweet flavor and delicate bubbles thanks to the various fragrant and aromatic Piedmontese red grape grapes represents a typical Piedmontese taste for light and frothy wines.

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0,75 l

Our BRICHET can resemble in taste the famous Piedmontese wine the BRACHETTO. To obtain its light, fresh and sweet taste, we make a single fermentation which gives us a wine of light bubbles with its beautiful pink froth.

Intense bright pink, tending to light garnet, like cherry, with a beautiful pink mousse.

Luxuriant and harmonious bouquet, hints of rose and aromatic red fruit.

Semi-sweet, delicate flavor with light tannins and a refreshing aromatic finish.

Perfect with aperitifs, pizza and pasta. Grilled meat, especially on hot days thanks to its slight alcohol content. Excellent for dessert, it goes well with dried fruit. It can be paired with dark chocolate.

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