The Prosecco Glera vine was already cultivated in Roman times in the Prosecco town, in the Trieste hills, where they produced the wine with the name “PUCCINO”. In 100 BC the centuriation of the Treviso area had taken place where the Romans had planted the vines both in the hills and in the plains. In the eighteenth century the cultivation of Glera expands into the hills of Veneto and Friuli. Over time, cultivation in the areas of origin stops, but develops precisely in the areas of the current province of Treviso and in particular between the hills of Conegliano, Col San Martino, Asolo and Valdobbiadene. Here, at the beginning of the 19th century, the production of Prosecco was born, as we know it today, thanks to the new technologies of sparkling wine. The DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) obtained 17/07/2009.


Valdobbiadene (zona DOC Treviso – Veneto)






0,75 l

The harvest is carried out in the first weeks of September, strictly by hand. We proceed with crushing and soft pressing for white vinification. Fermentation is started by adding selected yeasts and lasts about 15/20 days at a controlled temperature not exceeding 18 ° C. After it, the sparkling wine passes the last phase of the natural refermentation, the second fermentation, which is called the Italian Method or the Martinotti Method, which guarantees balance and harmony.

Straw-yellow light color.

In the fruity aroma you can find predominant green apple, pear, peach and tropical fruit as well as hints of vanilla.

Its flavor with its fresh citrus hints fills the palate with fruity and aromatic notes. Slightly softer perlage than traditional champagne.

Sparkling white wine with persistent perlage excellent aperitif alone or with Aperol and orange slice to make SPRITZ, or with other fruit liqueurs. It goes well with fish and seafood first courses. Prosecco Extra Dry enhances your dishes with its citrus notes, for vegetable soups, rice and fish dishes, white meat dishes, roasts and fresh cheese flavor. One of the ingredients to make an excellent “SMOKE and CHAMPAGNE” risotto.

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