Vino bianco SIENRA

Piedmont is considered one of the regions most capable of producing wines of great value. Our wines vary with the flavors which derive from clayey and sandy soils, from ventilation and from temperature differences. By combining various qualities of white grapes from Piedmont we are able to give our SIENRA wine the aroma and taste balanced between acidity and delicacy with a unique scent. These characteristics help to match with various dishes of Italian cuisine and beyond.




13 %


10-11 °C


0,75 l

The harvest generally takes place in September strictly by hand. There is no pressing, fresh grapes are put directly into the press. The must from the press is directly poured into the vats at a controlled temperature. After fermentation, the new racking is carried out and the wine, cleaned of residues, is placed in another stainless steel tank. Bottling takes place within 2/4 months after fermentation.

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections.

The bouquet resembles the flavor of exotic fruits, ripe pear, hawthorn flowers and acacia honey.

It is pleasantly enveloping in the mouth, soft with a balance between acidity and a robust structure, which gives freshness.

Served very chilled it is a great aperitif. At the table, it is perfect for fish-based starters, light first courses, risotto and pasta, but also second ones with fish or white meats.

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