Vino bianco SPARKLING

The vineyards of Piedmont have a history dating back to the times of the Greeks, who exploited the ports, which today belong to Liguria to enter the territory. From these trips they brought rooted cuttings and cuttings. Thus the first native Piedmontese vines were born. The continental climate with temperature changes and the optimal humidity for the development of both red and white grape varieties help us to obtain a light wine full of aromas like our SPARKLING. Our territory in the Alpine Arc with its hilly areas also helps in this.




12 %


8-10 °C


0,75 l

As with all white wines, hand-picking of the grapes, is at the beginning of the vintage. The start of the production process of natural sparkling wine is the same as other white wines: that is, the must is put to ferment in stainless steel tanks so that its sugar becomes alcohol. To obtain natural sparkling wine, the addition of carbon dioxide is not expected, fermentation is interrupted to allow it to continue little by little in the bottled wine. The carbon dioxide present in the bottles derives from fermentation and will only come out when uncorked.

This wine has a bright, light-yellow color.

Noticeable aromas of ripe lemons and green apples with hints of peach.

Noticeable aromas of ripe lemons and green apples with hints of peach.

Perfect for drinking as an aperitif. It will work well in the company of typical Italian appetizers. Perfect with seafood, lobsters, crawfish, and crabs. Perfect for Asian dishes, especially Japanese. It is good with marinated fish, turkey and chicken. It is also worth trying for pizza.

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