Vino Rosè “Me Tesor” VALSANIA

In this bottle you will find the 35-year history of Franco Valsania’s work and research in the perfection of wine balance. … … This wine is not a mixture of two different wines between one white and one red, ….. it is an accurate study, patience and the desire to arrive at the perfect product. As you can understand from the label full of love, it is dedicated to his wife Marzena Iwona Jagiello (Jagiełło). “Me Tesor” in Piedmontese dialect means “My Love (Treasure)”








0,75 l

The mix between two Piedmontese grape qualities; Arneis and Nebbiolo made it possible to obtain a wine full of delicacy in the aroma and harmony in the taste. Obtained with the Provençal method, the technique called “par saignée”. After crushing, the fermentation and refinement of the wine is carried out in stainless steel tanks on the fine lees at a low temperature which allows to obtain an olfactory and palate balance.

Intense light pink with golden reflections. Similar to that of peach blossoms.

Pleasant, fragrant with hints of forest fruit, raspberry and rose

Pleasantly fills the palate with its structure of balance between acidity and softness. Demi-dry

Perfect for the entire duration of the meal.
Also excellent for aperitifs and delicate snacks. A classic combination is with meat or fish paella. Thanks to its softness and low acidity, it goes perfectly with all tomato-based dishes. Excellent for second courses based on shellfish, fish and meats.
Perfect for pizza.
Another great combination is the one with the frying of fish, but it also goes well to the sushi and seafood crudités.
At the end of the meal it goes well with dry cakes and fruit.

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